Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste | Pada | Lisbon 

Infems will be having their inaugural exhibition at PADA Galeries in Lisbon 7 th - 20th August 2021 in collaboration with MOVART. 

Vernissage 7th August 2-8pm

Discussion Event 8th August 4pm


Featuring Infems foudning members plus 2 guest Artists , Rita GT and Keyezua.


No Reserve | Leicester Contemporary | Leicester 

InFems is exhibiting in the UK for the first time.

 15th October - 5th November 2021 at Leicester Contemporary

Taking its cue from the adrenalin-fuelled atmosphere of the site's former life as an auction house, No Reserve is about not holding back, about the limitless, the performative and the theatrical, about extravagant gestures and trickster behaviour.


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