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"We need more initiatives that unite women, support them, and make space for new ways of doing things that can improve opportunity for all women, and Infems is actively doing something about this, not just talking about it."


“It is unusual to have a group of artists choose to come to Leicester to engage with the local art community, and by holding the exhibition in Leicester as well as offering mentoring and an artist talk, the Infems exhibition has raised the profile of all the artists involved, the Leicester Contemporary Gallery, and has generally increased interest and engagement with the art scene locally.”


“It should not be understated that the reputation and standing of the members of the Infems collective, and their international standing attracted far wider interest than an exhibition of women’s art would have done without their reputation and cachet.”


“As a self-funded proposition, I hope Infems can attract investment from external organisations to offermore women the opportunity to benefit from this experience as I have. The legacy of the exhibition in Leicester is the clear interest in ongoing engagement around the themes raised by ‘No Reserve’, and there seems great potential for this to be replicated elsewhere.”


“ I have put a callout locally to link women, AFAB and female-identifying artists who would be interested in connecting and meeting to share work, offer support to one another, and discuss issues relating to women and their practice. It is a week since the exhibition ended, and I currently have over 130 people who have expressed an interest in this project,”

“thank you so much for such a meaningful exhibition and passionate and inspiring talk . It was so valued, thank-you”

What did you most enjoy about your participation?

“being part of an inclusive group”

“opportunity to show work, meet artists and make new friends”

“Hearing different viewpoints from more successful female artists”

“It was amazing to be selected, and to make connections with both the Infems artists and other local artists with an interest in intersectional feminism”

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