InFems (Intersectional Feminist Art Collective) is an organisation whose aim is to empower women and girls from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and become engaged with the arts. InFems stages exhibitions and facilitates dialogue through the delivery of symposiums, talks and workshops. 

There is an infinite array of different experiences of womanhood and they all deserve a voice which is why we use the term intersectional to mean interconnected and fully inclusive.

Goals and Objectives


  • Encouraging Women from diverse backgrounds to enter the arts

  • Creating a dialogue around ‘the importance of having a voice’ 

  • Creating pathways for young women to become engaged with art

  • Bringing Diverse London artists to other cities and towns in the UK

  • Empowering girls and women 

  • Connecting #Metoo into art history 

  • Empowering women to tell their stories 

  • In a climate in which women's bodily autonomy is under threat, to enable open discussion around women's shared corporal experiences - the physical realities of inhabiting a female body

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InFems consists of 5 founder members: Roxana Halls, Marie-Anne Mancio, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Adelaide Damoah and Wendy Elia. It evolved out of our mutual interest in both the potential of intersectional feminism to provoke discussion around the issues facing women today and in our explorations of the female body. Created with the intention of implementing a new model of practice where collaborative working replaces hierarchy and mentorship replaces competition, InFems aims to empower women and girls in their creative endeavours. The collective grew out of a series of formal and casual conversations happening in parallel between friends, peers, and colleagues, and prior related exhibitions. InFems Art Collective was formally ratified in February 2020 and our inaugural exhibition ‘Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste’ opened in August 2021 at PADA, Lisbon with Movart and guest artists Rita GT and Keyezua. One of our chief aims is to create a genuine, supportive Network of artists located both in the UK and abroad. To achieve this, we connect with local artists in each area where we exhibit in order to expand on our understanding of what feminism means to a wider demographic. We have demonstrated our commitment to our core philosophy of diversity by actively seeking out artists who represent other communities, who are minorities, who have differing cultural viewpoints. We purposefully create spaces for community and connection not only to the guest artists in our exhibitions but also to our audiences in an aim to make art and issues surrounding intersectional feminism accessible to all. InFems actively encourages audience connection through a variety of real life and digital avenues such as exhibitions, talks, symposiums, mentoring sessions and social media engagement. An example of the success of our social media outreach was a 15 yr old student who was studying InFems artist Roxana Halls's work for her Art GCSE project at school and came across InFems on Instagram and was able to contact us directly, even travelling down from Blackpool to attend our most recent discussion event at Leicester Contemporary. As a Collective we place value on inclusivity and accessibility, selecting guest artists who are both established feminist artists such as Rita GT and Keyezua (for our Lisbon show) as well as creating opportunities for aspiring/emerging artists to participate by hosting an open call (for our Leicester show ‘No Reserve’). We create exhibitions and events in a site specific manner, tailoring our offering to the individual needs of the local demographic. In Leicester for example we were very conscious of the need for entry level opportunities into the art world. As an area where 40% of the population live below the poverty line, access into the arts can be very limited. Here we saw a chance to provide an exhibition opportunity for emerging artists for whom we hosted mentoring sessions, helping to encourage their creative practices as well as their professional development. The legacy of that is one guest artist has since set up her own Leicester women artists' network.

InFems Ltd | Directors: Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Roxana Halls, Marie-Anne Mancio |  Registered in England No. 13851579 | 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ