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Who are Infems


InFems Art Collective is an organisation whose aim is to empower women and girls from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and become engaged with the arts. InFems stages exhibitions and facilitates dialogue through the delivery of symposiums, talks and workshops. 

There is an infinite array of different experiences of womanhood and they all deserve a voice which is why we use the term intersectional to mean interconnected and fully inclusive.


InFems is an evolving organisation whose membership revolves in response to our current ventures and in accord with each member's individual practices and preoccupations. InFems Directors Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Roxana Halls, and Marie-Anne Mancio invite the forming of further connections, welcoming new members, associates and resident InFems to continue in open dialogue around intersectionality and its aims in future projects.

Goals and Objectives


  • Encouraging Women from diverse backgrounds to enter the arts

  • Creating a dialogue around ‘the importance of having a voice’ 

  • Creating pathways for young women to become engaged with art

  • Bringing diverse London artists to other cities and towns in the UK

  • Empowering girls and women 

  • Connecting #Metoo into art history 

  • Empowering women to tell their stories 

  • In a climate in which women's bodily autonomy is under threat, to enable open discussion around women's shared corporal experiences - the physical realities of inhabiting a female body

Our history

InFems is an all-women art collective comprising of directors Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Roxana Halls, and Marie-Anne Mancio, and resident InFem, artist Nádia Duvall. InFems was co-founded by current directors alongside Adelaide Damoah and Wendy Elia,  who have since left the organisation.  

InFems stages exhibitions internationally with emerging and established guest artists and facilitates dialogue through the delivery of symposiums, talks and workshops. 


Previous exhibitions include: Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste at PADA, Lisbon; No Reserve at Leicester Contemporary, UK; Nightclubbing at M&C Saatchi, London; 5 Needle, 5 Wire at Thamesside Studios, London; an invitation to participate in ‘Bodies in Trouble’ curated by Dr. Anna Havemann at Haus Kunst Mitte, Berlin (November 2022). InFems’s previous charity art project was commissioned by Carolina Herrera for International Women’s Day 2022 with all proceeds going to Fundacio Ared.

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