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Carolina Herrera Nightclubbing

InFems joins with Carolina Herrera in honour of International Women’s Day. InFems (Intersectional Feminist Art Collective) created the Nightclubbing NFT collection: Five works of art exploring themes of mythology, self-love, identity, and representation, by five trailblazing female artists, to be sold on the digital NFT platform, OpenSea.

All artworks were commissioned by Carolina Herrera to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022. All proceeds go to charity to Fundación Ared Originals and very first-of-their-kind (1/1). All NFTs minted on Polygon, an eco-friendly Ethereum-compatible network. The NFTs are available to purchase via OpenSea from March 8th to December 31st You can learn more about the artists and InFems collective here.


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