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CURATED BY GIRLS | A Nova Feminilidade

CURATED BY GIRLS AT THIRDBASE A Nova Feminilidade Private View | March 8 2022 Exhibition Dates | 8th March - 29th March Thirdbase | Calçada Dom Gastão nº5A —1900-194 Lisboa – Portugal Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf shows with Curated by GIRLS for the first time in PORTUGAL. We are thrilled to announce that the 4th edition of our ongoing group show “A Nova Feminilidade”, will open its doors on March 8, for International Women's Day, at Thirdbase in Lisbon, and willl run until March 29th 2022. The exhibition will celebrate femininity in all its shapes and sizes through the works of 28 female-identifying artists + a special selection by the best dating app @pureapp. officially part of the Saison France-Portugal 2022 + With the kind support of @pureapp & Vogue Portugal Special thanks to Womanizer @womanizerglobal1, ENFIN @enfinbiofr, Aparte @vinhosaparte & Kulturbüro Todorow.


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