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Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste | Panel Discussion


Infems invite you to join us for a panel discussion on Sunday the 8th of August at 4pm at PADA Studios in Barreiro, Lisbon for 'Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste'.

Address: Rua 42, Parque Empresarial da Quimiparque n2, 2831-904 Barreiro

Participating: Infems co-founder artists⁠ Adelaide Damoah, Roxana Halls⁠, Wendy Elia⁠, Rebecca Fontaine -Wolf⁠, Marie - Anne Mancio⁠ and guest artist Rita GT

InFems art collective presents its inaugural exhibition ‘Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste’ at PADA, an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation in Lisbon’s South Bay in collaboration with MOVART.

Showcasing works across media (including representations of figurative paintings, a large work on paper, a video, photographs, and ceramics), InFems wants to provoke discussions in Portugal about the role of intersectional feminism and the issues facing women today.

Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste explores subjects like the plight of refugees, the fragmented female nude, subversive behaviour – women ‘behaving badly’, the female gaze, colonialism, and female sexuality


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