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No Reserve | Leicester Contemporary, Leiscester

15th October – 5th November 2021

I N F E M S - I n t e r s e c t i o n a l F e m i n i s t A r t C o l l e c t i v e

c o m e s t o L e i c e s t e r @ L e i c e s t e r C o n t e m p o r a r y

Art Exhibition: No Reserve

InFems @ Leicester Contemporary, 16 Market St, Leicester LE1 6DP

15th October – 5th November 2021

Opening: Friday 15th October 6-8pm

Discussion event: Saturday 23rd October

Daily opening: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm, FREE.

InFems art collective presents ‘No Reserve’ at Leicester Contemporary. Taking its cue from the adrenalin-fuelled atmosphere of the gallery site’s former life as an auction house, No Reserve is about not holding back, about the limitless, the performative and the theatrical, about extravagant gestures and trickster behaviour. It showcases works across media including figurative paintings, film, works on paper, and sculpture.

InFems (Intersectional Feminist Art Collective) evolved out of its founder-members’s mutual interest in both the potential of intersectional feminism to provoke discussion around the issues facing women today and in their explorations of the female body. Created with the intention of implementing a new model of practice where collaborative working replaces hierarchy and mentorship replaces competition, InFems aims to empower women and girls in their creative endeavours. The collective grew out of a series of formal and casual conversations happening in parallel between friends, peers, and colleagues, and prior related exhibitions. InFems Art Collective was formally ratified in February 2020 and its inaugural exhibition ‘Biting Back and Enjoying the Taste’ opened in August 2021 at PADA, Lisbon with Movart and guest artists Rita GT and Keyezua.

In keeping with InFems’s aim to foster collaborations with locally based artists, ‘’’’No Reserve’ also features four guest exhibitors selected after an open call-out to artists with a connection to Leicester: Macha Barnden, Hatty Buchanan, Mita Vaghela, and Lucy Cade-Stewart.

Leicester Contemporary was established in June 2021 by an artists’ collective.

“I am filled with admiration for the whole enterprise, which sounds to me ambitious, sensible and Adelaide Damoah very well thought out. I can well believe that Leicester doesn't have a dedicated space for contemporary art and it seems to me that what you are trying to do will be very much needed and appreciated.”

Bridget Riley

InFems - No Reserve - Leicester Contemporary Catalgue
Download PDF • 2.10MB


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